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Coming in October Paul will be adding a Palm Beach, Florida location. Details soon.

In the meantime, see more of
Paul's work upstairs at the
Summer House Restauant or at the Private Airport Building,
Nantucket Memorial Airport.



Places to view Paul's work.
Newest place to see Paul's work:

European Traditions
12 Straight Wharf
508 325 8976

Even Keel's is now serving in
its newly renovated bar.
Come enjoy the food, drink and
art on Nantucket this summer.



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Paul Galschneider, Impressionist Artist, Nantucket, Massachusetts

::Impressionist Artist, Nantucket


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From "Creative Juices" in Nantucket Times, 2003:

In Paul Galschneider's world, color and light rule supreme. His lush paintings in oil capture Nantucket bathed in a Fauvist's pallet, with golden light and undertones of red, lavender, lime green and yellow. His work includes streetscapes, landscapes, interiors, and florals, rendered in a painterly manner reminiscent of Van Gogh, whom he cites as an early influence--quite an accomplishment for an artist who is essentially self-taughtPaul Galschneider.  Photo by Frederick G.S. Clow and who has only been painting for about ten years. Galschneider, who is originally from Slovakia, took painting classes when he first arrived in this country.

"From the day I first got paint, it just grabbed me and it's getting stronger and stronger," he said. His studio is filled with canvases, covering all wall surfaces, propped up on the floor, and displayed on fanciful easels that he constructs out of copper pipe and fittings. As a plumbing and heating contractor, he's found a creative use for his "day-job" materials. Besides the easels, Galschneider builds whimsical wing-backed chairs out of the pipe; a wine rack stands almost seven feet tall, with twisting pipe-vines to hold glassware and with spaces for 18 bottles. His imagination is boundless and though he works from still-life and existing landscapes, paintings are often formulated in his mind before they appear on the canvas.

"I study the light; I study the shapes," Galschneider said. "I like to capture the light and the timing of the day," he added. "It's a challenge to do that." Nantucket has provided bountiful subject matter and community support as well. Fellow artist George Thomas helped him join and exhibit at Nantucket Artists' Association. Paul Arsenault shared techniques for working "in plain air." He has slowly established himself on Nantucket through both good years and difficult ones.

"I really want to thank the many members of the community who supported me," Galschneider noted. Just looking at the results of those efforts, friends and patrons must know that they have indeed nurtured a special talent....

--Reema Sherry

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